Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Meet My New Kitchen

I am finally finished with our kitchen remodel, well the cabinet/counter top part anyways. I still have plans to redo the kitchen island and another small piece of furniture that I scored at a sidewalk sale in downtown Monroe. I told Scott that I wanted chalk paint for Valentine's Day so I could start playing with all of our furniture. I am in the mood to start working on different parts of our house. I think I should go with this because for awhile, I was too nervous to touch anything for fear of messing up. Now that I am finished with the kitchen, I have a little more faith in my abilities. Here are a few pictures of the redo.
 This is what our kitchen looked like before. I absolutely hated the faux wood counter tops. We purchased the Giani Chocolate Brown kit. Step one: Prime everything you want to cover. The primer in this kit is black and it covered the back splash and the counter top.
 Step Two: You have to sponge three minerals onto the surface that you want to look like marble. We decided to cover the counter tops only.
 Step Three: You have to seal the counter tops. It says to put a minimum of three coats, however, most of the research I have done said that you can get away with two. I like to follow instructions, so three it is.
We decided to paint the back splash for now to coordinate with the rest of the room. I have been contemplating changing up the decor. I guess I will have a lot of fun shopping around for a few new things.

Scott and I are both excited about our new kitchen. The difference is outstanding. I think this gave us the look we were going for, for less than $130! The kit is only $70, but after purchasing a few other supplies for the cabinet staining and back splash painting, we spent around $130. I like inexpensive and I believe we got a lot of good change for our money. One day I would like to have real marble counter tops with an iron back splash, but for now, this will work for us.