Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mason turns 8!

Mason's birthday was on the 4th of this month, so we celebrated his birthday with a swimming party the following Saturday. It's Louisiana, so the weather here is unpredictable, therefore we had an indoor swimming party at Underwater Treasures in Monroe, LA. We had invited all of his class mates and fellow scouts, but only two little boys showed up. It didn't bother him too much because he was having too much fun playing with his brother and the other little boys. I think he realizes that the important people were there, his parents, step-parents and two sets of grandparents.

He is now 8 years old, which makes me wish time would slow down just a bit. Days, weeks, months, and years are going by way too fast now.

Here are a few pictures from his party. He had a Ninjago themed party like his older brother had back in January. I wanted to make sure that his party was a little different from Shaun's, so I made his invitations a little differently.

 I didn't want to pay someone to make these when I am capable of creating and printing them myself. I printed these on card-stock, cut them out and sent them with Mason to school and Scouts. He loved them. I tried to put his eyes on the Ninja, but Mason didn't like it as much as he did the originals.
 Shaun at the party! He found a starfish at the bottom of the pool.
 Mason, our sweet little birthday boy!
The Ninjago themed party favors. The take out boxes were filled with rubber Ninja throwing stars from a Karate Shop, along with Twizzlers.
 Me and the hubby!
 Mason and his friends!
 Mason wanted a cookie cake instead of the traditional birthday cake. Albritton's in West Monroe, LA has some of the best cookie cakes!
Trick Candles!!! He couldn't get them to blow out!