Monday, September 24, 2012

Blisters and Football...

So, this weekend did not go as planned! Friday night we went to the ULM football game as planned. Like I stated in my last post, it was a Whiteout game and so my husband and I wore our new shirts. I wanted to look cute and dress warm because the weather report stated it would be in the 60s later in the night, so I wore my comfy black boots. I know what you are already thinking and I wish I would have thought it sooner...dumb idea, right? Right! I ended up with blisters the size of lemons on the soles of my feet. I could barely walk Saturday and Sunday. Needless to say, I have learned my lesson. Tennis shoes are the best option for football games and my husband can sometimes be right. After all, he did try to warn me. Oh well, you live and learn...sometimes the hard way!

My sister, Katie, and myself at the ULM football game. Go Warhawks!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Go Warhawks?

It is finally Friday and I did not think it would get here fast enough. My husband and I have plans to attend the ULM vs. Baylor game tonight, as it takes place in our back yard. It is a "white out" event so we both dug in our closet last night looking for something appropriate for the game. We decided sequins and mud stained t-shirts would just not do the trick. So, during our lunch break, we headed to a local sports store to find something to wear. We learned that most of the town will be wearing these special made shirts for tonight's game, however, everyone in town is sold out. Therefore, Scott will be wearing a primarily white polo, accented with red of course, as he is the ultimate Razorback fan, and I will be wearing a fashionable plain white t-shirt as that was all that we could find without spending too much money for one silly game. I am quite excited about going for one reason and one reason alone. My sister and her husband will be joining us. They live three hours away and we do not get to see them nearly enough. Scott and I had two extra tickets and my brother-in-law is an ULM alumni, so this gave them a good reason for a weekend visit. I am a Louisiana Tech graduate, therefore, it will be hard for me to cheer for the Warhawks. Tonight I will try my best as they are a local team and they deserve praise for all of the progress their football program has made!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sick Child & Naps

I stayed home yesterday from work with my eldest step-son. He apparently had some version of the stomach bug and was not able to go to school. I made him my mom's wonderful homemade chicken noodle soup to only realize that mine will never be as good as hers. Shaun loved it and I guess that is all that really matters. We watched Looney Toons, played board games and took a two hour nap! My life would be so much easier if I could have a two hour nap everyday!!! We were able to have naps when we were in Kindergarten, so why didn't they extend this on up into adulthood and full time jobs when they are much needed? I think it should be mandatory to take an afternoon nap to help your mind and body function better on the job?

Well, Shaun is better this morning and back in school. We sent him kicking and screaming, literally. I think he realized how much fun playing hooky can be and he thought he would give it a try, but it didn't work. I really hope he is 100% better and his Dad and I do not get a phone call from the school later saying that he has gotten sick at school and to please come and get him. I will feel awful!!! I guess that is the chance you take sometimes?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to School

Do you ever feel as though your life is speeding by and there is no hitting the brakes? That is how I feel lately. Between all of the normal duties of being a full-time employee, wife and step-mother, there are hours of homework and Boy Scouts to consider. I miss summer already! I think I enjoy the boys being out of school for summer more than they do. I only wish Scott and I could be off for the whole summer as well. We actually have time to do fun things together as a family on summer nights after we both get off of work. The boys do not have a set bedtime, therefore we have more time for more fun. Now we have hours of homework, earlier bed times, miscellaneous school projects, weekly Troop Meetings for Boy Scouts, and Advanced Reading (which is a good thing...but 8 books per week is CraZy?). I know it is only going to get worse the older they get because they will bring home more and more homework each year. I am just thankful that we have two little boys that are doing great it school already. Both of them have made all A's so far and we are proud of them. It might be due to the Chuck-E-Cheese trip and money we have bribed them with, but it's working! I just wish our afternoons together were just a bit longer :)

At some point, I want to find the time to work on a few pinterest projects that I have pinned for later. Last week I spary painted old picture frames to revamp them and I loved the results. This week, I am modge podging everything! I purchased some modge podge from Hobby Lobby this weekend for a project and it didn't stop there. Now I am making over-sized coasters out of 6x8 tiles that we had lying around the house. They turned out cute and besides, I needed to practice on something. Now I have a few great ideas for Teacher Appreciation gifts at the end of the year and I have come across the neatest way to make Christmas ornaments with burlap. That is a must this year, as well as the burlap tree skirt that I keep telling myself I am going to make!!!

As for tonight, it is going to be one of those long, full nights of activities with the boys. There will not be much time to play board games or eat a home cooked meal at the table as a family, but I am sure we will somehow make the best of it. We always do!