Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Est. 4.28.2012

The McCallum Family
Est. 4.28.2012

Our sweet little family was established on Saturday, April 28, 2012. Scott and I met the week of Thanksgiving 2010 and our journey together took off from there. Our first date was something I was nervous about, however, within five minutes of knowing Scott, I was comfortable and completely shocked by my reaction to him. He was funny, cute and made me smile continuously. Our first date lasted for hours. We met at a local restaurant, ate dinner and then sat on the deck talking and laughing for hours. I had a business trip to Houston that I was leaving for the next day. My business partner got an ear full about our date and how I hoped he would call and ask me out again. He called and we set up our second date for the next night. Our second date went just as well. We went out to eat and when he took me home, we sat in his car for several hours talking. It was wonderful getting to know him. I wanted to know everything about him even though it felt as though I had known him forever. It's been awhile seens our first days together, but yet it still feels like yesterday. I love reliving some of those first moments with him. I went from being a single woman to a married woman with two wonderful step-sons. Every day is a challenge in its own little way, but I am more than up for any challenge thrown my way. I am truly blessed to have Scott and the boys in my life and I am excited about all of the journeys that lie ahead of us. I hope you enjoy watching our journeys unfold.

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