Monday, November 19, 2012

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

A month or so ago I was talking about a Handmade Christmas. I was finally able to follow through with some of my plans and start working on a few things this weekend. I had pre-cut the burlap and drawn out each design for each of the ornaments. I just did not have the opportunity to paint them until this weekend. I decided to use Tulip's Puffy T-Shirt paint and it worked perfectly! Here is a few samples of how they look so far. Please remember that I want to add wire and ribbon to each of them.

I love the way they look so far and cannot wait to put the finishing touches on each of them. I think they will make our tree even more special. I plan on letting the boys paint a few Tuesday night while I work on the ribbon and wire for the ones that are dry so far.

Scott and I started decorating for Christmas this weekend. I know it is about a week early, but we will be out of town all week and weekend long, so we wanted to get a jump start on things. The boys will help me put the finishing touches on our living room Tuesday night. We will turn on our outside lights as well. Scott spent most of the day, Saturday, hanging lights on our house, trees, bushes, etc. I let him "at it" and he did a wonderful job. He would like to be called Clark! He even made me do a drum role for the preview! I can't wait for the boys to see everything. They will be so excited.

Here is a picture of our mantle. It is not quite finished, but is coming together quite nicely.


The last picture is something that I picked up at an old barn sale. I picked up two with the thoughts of turning them into unique picture frames. I decided that we would use them to frame in our mantle for Christmas first. I added a little festive fabric and a burlap ornament to each of them to tie in our Christmas tree. I think they turned out great! I love antique stores. You can always find the most interesting things.

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