Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Fun

This weekend went by way too fast in my opinion. It started with date night Friday night at Copeland's. Scott told me to come home, change clothes and to get in the jeep. I did precisely what he said and we ended up at my favorite restaurant. It was a nice surprise and a great way to end my bad eating. See, I struggle with eating the way I should. I have my months where I can do right and lose the weight that I need to and then I will have one bad week that will throw me back on the track of star crunches, pizza, chips, etc. That one bad week will completely erase all of those good months. I don't think that is quite fair, but it is the way it is. I even see a nutritionist to help. Meghan is great and she typically helps me stay on track, but with all of the holidays lately, I have not been in to see her. However, I have made the decision to start back on my own. I am determined to re-lose all of the weight that I have gained back that I had previously lost and then lose some more. I think this will help me get over this hump and hopefully help me lose a hump or two on the way. I am currently on Day 2 of doing better. I will keep you posted.

Yesterday, Mason decided that he wanted his room rearranged and we thought it would be a good idea as well. Well it didn't stop with his room, b/c when Shaun saw how great Mason's room was looking, he wanted his room rearranged as well. Well, that made Scott and I want to rearrange the Sun Room/Lego War Zone and that is precisely what we did. The house looks great and it feels great to have everything moved around in a way that I think will be more suitable for everyone. When we bought our house, we thought the Sun Room would make a nice Family Room. However, the boys had a different idea. They have so many Lego sets and that is what they live for, or so it seems. It is nice to have all of the Legos in one location in the house. Before, they were running back and forth to each others rooms as well as the Sun Room and Legos were strewn everywhere in the process. Now they are in one location and the room has been rearranged to where it can serve as the Lego War Zone as well as the Family Room. I am loving all of the changes.

All of the rearranging made me want to finish a few projects that I had started months ago. Here are the final results. Oh...and I do apologize for the terrible quality of pictures. They were taken with my phone as I had left my camera at work.

 The Hogs sign is in Mason's Room as he is a huge Razorback fan like his daddy. I took cardboard letters, painted them black, glued them together and voila! Inexpensive Razorback decor.
Shaun's was a little more tedious. I took wood letters, covered them in tiger print paper and glued each of them to a purple painted canvas. Then I framed each of them to dress it up a little more. I love the way it turned out as does Shaun. 

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