Friday, September 21, 2012

Go Warhawks?

It is finally Friday and I did not think it would get here fast enough. My husband and I have plans to attend the ULM vs. Baylor game tonight, as it takes place in our back yard. It is a "white out" event so we both dug in our closet last night looking for something appropriate for the game. We decided sequins and mud stained t-shirts would just not do the trick. So, during our lunch break, we headed to a local sports store to find something to wear. We learned that most of the town will be wearing these special made shirts for tonight's game, however, everyone in town is sold out. Therefore, Scott will be wearing a primarily white polo, accented with red of course, as he is the ultimate Razorback fan, and I will be wearing a fashionable plain white t-shirt as that was all that we could find without spending too much money for one silly game. I am quite excited about going for one reason and one reason alone. My sister and her husband will be joining us. They live three hours away and we do not get to see them nearly enough. Scott and I had two extra tickets and my brother-in-law is an ULM alumni, so this gave them a good reason for a weekend visit. I am a Louisiana Tech graduate, therefore, it will be hard for me to cheer for the Warhawks. Tonight I will try my best as they are a local team and they deserve praise for all of the progress their football program has made!

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