Monday, September 24, 2012

Blisters and Football...

So, this weekend did not go as planned! Friday night we went to the ULM football game as planned. Like I stated in my last post, it was a Whiteout game and so my husband and I wore our new shirts. I wanted to look cute and dress warm because the weather report stated it would be in the 60s later in the night, so I wore my comfy black boots. I know what you are already thinking and I wish I would have thought it sooner...dumb idea, right? Right! I ended up with blisters the size of lemons on the soles of my feet. I could barely walk Saturday and Sunday. Needless to say, I have learned my lesson. Tennis shoes are the best option for football games and my husband can sometimes be right. After all, he did try to warn me. Oh well, you live and learn...sometimes the hard way!

My sister, Katie, and myself at the ULM football game. Go Warhawks!


  1. LOL...c'mon Jo... Boots to a football game...smh :) I love you anyways LOL

    Cute picture of you and bug!