Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The McCallum's Fabulous Little Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time each year. I love decorating for everything, visiting family in Louisiana and Arkansas, wrapping presents, cooking and eating good food, etc. Everything about Christmas is magical and it should be, especially if you celebrate Jesus' birth as my family does. Of course we do the Santa thing and Scout Elf as well, but Shaun and Mason both know the real reason we celebrate Christmas and that is all that matters.

 Scott, the boys and I on Christmas Day at my Grandparent Walker's House. 

Speaking of Scout Elves...Bernard, our elf was quite mischievous and generous this year. The first day he arrived, he thanked the boys for being so great this year. They were quite awesome, I have to admit. They behaved as they should, got so much better about doing their chores, were absolutely precious during the time of losing our Papaws, and worked super hard in school!!! We were very proud of them, so Bernard treated them by showing up with Build A Bear surprises for them. He challenged them to go out and build their own Christmas buddy to enjoy the holiday with. It was a fun way to kick off the month.

If you know me, then you know that I am a white light kind of gal! There is nothing wrong with multi colored lights on your tree, but they better not end up on my tree. Last year was a disaster because of this, which resulted in me redecorating the tree when the boys went to bed and coming up with a clever little tale of why the lights were now white. I know, I know....I am a terrible person, but it is a problem I can't help. I was born this way :)

This year, I decided to loosen the reigns a little and agreed to have green and white lights on the tree. You probably think this isn't a big deal, but it was and still is a big deal to me. I hated them. I thought the green lights would grow on me, but they NEVER did. Everyone that came into our home loved our tree and raved about the green lights. As much as I love these people, I still think they are crazy.

Next year, I have a plan...if this plan does not work then we will have two trees. One in the boys playroom with 100 different colors on it and one in our living room with classy white lights on it. My plan is to put white, green and red lights on the tree. I am crossing my fingers that I love it because I really do not want to put up and take down two Christmas trees along with the thousand mini trees we have scattered throughout the house.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent in Crowville with my family due to the time we were supposed to have the boys back to their mom so that they could spend Christmas with her and her family. We didn't have enough time to drive to and from Arkansas due to the time constraints. We have joint custody of the boys and split everything right down the middle, except holidays. Easter, Thanksgiving, and Halloween are every other year, whereas Christmas, is split between both families. This year was no different. However, an hour before Ashley was scheduled to pick up the boys, we received a call from Robby (the boy's stepdad) saying that Ashley was in the ER. Mono was her curse...she is still recovering.

 Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad's House with the Freeman's, Dalleo's, McCallum's and Walker's.
 Bernard, our elf, brought the whole family a set of Christmas PJ's!
 Mason with his new pellet gun from Mom and Dad! The boys love their new guns!!!
  This is a picture from Christmas Day at my Grandparent's House. We celebrated with the Vinings, the Week's, the Dalleo's, the Walker's, and the McCallum's.
 Santa brought the boys Rock Band. They were quite excited, as you can tell. This is before it was even plugged into the television.
 Mason with his loot from Daddy and I.
 Shaun with his loot from Daddy and I.
 Daddy with some of his loot from the boys and I.
My sister and brother in law on Christmas Day. We are patiently waiting for Baby Boy Dalleo to make his arrival in the world. It's close!!!
We kept the boys through the weekend and ended up in Arkansas a day early for our two night trip. We had a great time visiting with Scott's Dad, Brother, Mom, Granny, Aunt and Uncle. Our time there is never long enough, but we make the most of it. Scott's Mom and I were even able to find the time for a little thrift store shopping!!! My favorite past time!!!

 Shaun is obsessed with Sharks, so he was very excited to get a new book on Sharks.
 Memaw had Mason a chef hat made with his name on it. He loves it!
 We are from West Monroe, LA...need I say more, haha!
 Granny with her new cookbook and trivet.
 Granny, Memaw, Mason and Shaun
 Shaun and Mason in Arkansas. This is one of my favorite pictures of them from Christmas.
 Shaun and Mason
 Scott, Mason and Shaun - Daddy and his boys
 Our family picture from Christmas in Arkansas
 Memaw and her boys
 Memaw, Mason, Shaun and Granny
 Scott, Memaw, Granny, Robert, Mason and Shaun
 Scott and Shaun
 Scott and Mason

Like always, Christmas Season has to come to an end, but if you are like me, you strive to keep it in your heart all year long.

God Bless,
Mrs. McCallum

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