Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I am ashamed that I have not posted anything since April of last year, but what can I say, it was a crazy year. I will try and catch up with this one post...

Scott, the boys and I took the best vacation ever. We spent a week at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. If you have never done it or considered it, you should. We stayed at one of the onsite hotels so that we could experience everything they had to offer. It was amazing. One of the main perks of staying on site is the early entry to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the Express Passes, and the water-taxis that take you to and from the parks, hotels, and City Walk. We didn't want to leave and we are already planning another trip there next year. I will have to do a post just on our experience, complete with pictures another time.

Loss in the Families
Scott and I both lost our Papaws this summer. It has been a hard year for both of our families. Both of them had a different form of cancer that was Stage 4. Losing them has been very tough, but through the loss of them, we both have felt a peace that we know can only come from God. They were both God fearing men who had given their lives over to Christ. We know that we will one day see them again.
The boys, their mom and I went to the annual Mom and Me campout in October. The plan was to stay Saturday night together in a tent while enjoying all of the Scout activities. We were there a matter of hours before we were rained out this year. As sad as the boys were, we were able to turn things around by having our own Mom and Me campout in their mom's living room. We invited one of our close friend's and her son to come along, since they were at the campout as well. We had a great time eating pizza, watching movies, playing games and falling asleep all piled up in the living room. It was a Mom and Me that I will never forget.

The boys were with us this Halloween. We took them to our Church Carnival before going Trick or Treating in the neighborhood. Some of the family met us at the Church so they could see the boys. Mason was a Ninja and Shaun was a Shark. Scott and I even tried to get in the spirit and "dress" up this year.

Scott and I did not have the boys this year as it was their mom's turn to have them. We decided to spend our holiday in Crowville with my family so that we could spend Thanksgiving with the boys in Arkansas the following year.We continued with our tradition of the Thanksgiving Journal where we ask family members to write what they are thankful for. I know that we will be thankful we have it one day so that we can look back and see what different ones wrote. Since we did not go to Arkansas, we invited Scott's granny and mom to come down for the weekend. We hosted a party at our house while they were there. Overall, it was a great Thanksgiving.

I will post a separate post on Christmas and Photography Updates!!!

Have a great one,
Mrs. McCallum

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