Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Shaun and His First Deer

This past weekend, my Daddy took the boys on a evening hunt on his banker's land. They prepared for the hunt all morning, took a nap to rest up and then off they went. Dad, Scott and Shaun sat in one deer stand while Mason and Grandaddy sat in another stand 500 yards away. Mason counted 24 deer that were just out of his reach while Dad, Scott and Shaun saw nothing. Minutes before they were going to call it a day, a group of deer came into the clearing. Dad helped Shaun get set up for the perfect shot. BOOM!!! He pulled the trigger before Dad and Scott knew what was happening and he dropped her in her tracks. You can only imagine how excited he was!!! Even as excited as Shaun was, my Daddy was even more excited and very proud. I am so glad they were all able to create this wonderful memory together.

Here are a few pictures from their trip.

 Shaun and Mason with Shaun's kill.
 The unfortunate...
 Dad with Shaun and his kill.
Dad, Shaun and Scott with Shaun's deer.

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