Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I absolutely love burlap! We used it everywhere in our wedding. It covered the tables, wrapped the bouquets, and staircases. I love the rustic feel it gives things. Now it is everywhere in my house!! I have several flower arrangements throughout my house. On each one you will find a burlap bow somewhere. I think it ties everything together nicely and it is perfect for Fall decor. My house is not decorated yet. We are a little behind. The boys and I have big plans to take care of some of the decorating tonight. We plan to make different things using burlap. I will post pictures of our creations once they are complete.

Last night, I decided it was time to decorate our door. I have a lot of burlap laying around the house, so I made a Pumpkin Burlap Door Hanger. I absolutely love it because I made it. Of course, it doesn't look any more fabulous than the ones I have seen on other blogs or pinterest, but it means more to me and my family b/c it is homemade. I promised the boys I would help them make one tonight. Perhaps a smaller version with their teacher's name on it. It would make a nice Fall gift?

Here is my creation.

Like I said, it is not any more fabulous than those I have seen elsewhere, but we love it. I have plans to make a snowman for Christmas and little ornaments for our Christmas tree this year. Scott and I have decided to decorate the tree with red, green and gold. I usually decorate with brown and gold. This will be a change for me, but I am going to embrace it. At least we will still be able to use some of my gold decorations. I would cry if my little gold birds didn't make the cut. I plan on using lots of burlap bows on the trees and hopefully our little burlap ornaments will turn out as well. That is another project for the boys and I to work on. I love working on projects as a family, especially this time of year.

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  1. Ooohhh it turned out really good!!!! LOVE IT!!