Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Walk Through the Zoo

Monday the boys were out of school and Scott was off of work for Martin Luther King Day. I decided I would take the day off to spend at home with them. I'm so glad I decided to do that because it really turned out to be a great day. The boys have been "craving" Olive Garden, so Scott and I took them to Olive Garden for salad and bread sticks. They each ordered off of the children's menu and Scott and I both tried something new off of their lunch menu. It was a nice lunch out. I wish we were able to do that more often. Afterwards, we took them to the zoo. The Monroe Zoo is nothing spectacular, actually it is kind of run down. You could tell they are trying to make improvements, however, they are not coming along as fast as they should be. It was a great day to take a stroll through the zoo as it was not too crowded. We took our time walking from exhibit to exhibit. Shaun's favorite "animal" was the fruit bat and Mason's favorite animal was the black bear. I am partial to the lions and tigers, while Scott is partial to the exotic birds. I think we spent about two hours at the zoo. It was a nice day! The only hiccup we had was me allowing Scott to dress the boys. Bless his heart! He had walked our puppies earlier that morning and thought that long sleeved t-shirts would be sufficient. I made him take me to Old Navy after lunch so that I could find hoodies or jackets for all of us so that we would not freeze to death. The wind was so cold. I am a bargain shopper and was able to find Mason a hoodie for $2.47, Shaun a hoodie for $3.47, Scott a zip-up hoodie for $8.99 and a zip-up jacket for myself for $10. Not to mention, I earned $10 Old Navy Bucks!!!! I was happy and we were all warm.

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