Monday, January 14, 2013

Shaun Turns 10!

We celebrated Shaun's birthday this weekend. He turns 10 today! He decided to have his birthday party at Underwater Treasures this year so that he could have a pool party in January. There was a nice turnout of kids and family. The kids had a lot of fun swimming while the adults had a lot of fun catching up and visiting. Shaun was very blessed because he was able to spend so much time with his friends and family. He was also blessed with everything that he was given. We had one very excited young man by the time the party was over with.

This year, Shaun decided that he wanted a Ninjago themed birthday party. You would think, as popular as Ninjago is, that you would be able to find more party favors, plates, banners, invites, etc. However, most everything that I found was handmade on Etsy. I would rather take the time and make it myself than I had pay someone to do something I am capable of. Needless to say, I made Shaun's invitations using PowerPoint and bought  Ninja swords and little Ninjas from Amazon to make his party favors with. I didn't want to have the typical party favor bag at his party. I wanted each kid to be able to take home a toy. I put the Ninjas in little clear bags and attached them, along with a Thank You Note from Shaun to each sword. For the girls, I attached bracelets in little clear bags to the swords. I didn't think the girls that attended would be excited about getting little Ninjas and I was right. The party favors were a big hit.

Here are a few pictures from his party. I plan on posting a few more as soon as my photo editor is up and running again. As for now, this is what I have.

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