Thursday, March 14, 2013

Catching up...

I cannot believe I have not posted anything in over a month. There have been a lot of great things going on in our lives and I hate that I didn't get on here and blog about them. Therefore, I am going to try and mention everything that has happened in one post. Here goes...

1) Blue and Gold Banquet - The boys had their annual Blue and Gold Banquet with Scouts back in February. This is the ceremony where they each move up to the next level if they qualify. Shaun and Mason both moved up. They had their face painted to represent the changes and challenges and were awarded new badges. Hopefully I will do a better job of sewing the new ones on. Shaun became a Webelo and Mason became a Bear. Scott had the honor of painting both of their faces while I attempted to take their pictures.

2) Blue and Gold Banquet Cake Contest - Each year at the annual Blue and Gold Banquet, each scout can enter the cake contest. Last year the boys made cakes decorated for Easter as the banquet was so close to Easter. This year the Cake Contest was themed and the theme was "Trustworthiness". Mason decided to decorate his cake with firemen and Shaun decorated his cake with the US Army. We thought they chose excellent examples of trustworthiness. Shaun won 2nd place and Mason had fun trying. I must say the cakes were super cute and tasted amazing. We used my mother's icing recipe and OMG!!! I could eat it straight from the mixing bowl.

 Mason's Cake
 Shaun's 2nd Place Pin
 Shaun's Cake
 Me with the boys :)
Scott with the boys :) 

3) Weekend in Crowville - Our weekends in Crowville with my parents are never long enough. We end up trying to catch up with everyone and end up only getting to see each person about an hour at a time. That is just not long enough. We need to vacation in Crowville for a week just to enjoy all of its fabulosity. I love the country and I miss living there. For now, I will have to settle with our weekend visits when we are blessed to take them. This trip to Crowville was a lot of fun. We went to the Friday Night Auction with my parents, my sister Katie and her husband Daniel. The boys had a lot of fun eating ice cream and watching us bid on different things. My dad bought them each a Cowboy hat. I cannot tell you how cute they were in them! We spent a lot of time outside at my parents house riding my dad's new mule, "Peppa". The boys took turns driving around in their orchard. It was a great weekend, but like I said before, it was not long enough. 

 My beautiful Mom, me and my beautiful sister being silly in the kitchen.
 Shaun and Mason in their new hats. Aren't they handsome!!!
Mom, Katie and Mason making Tea Cakes in the kitchen. Mom's Tea Cakes are awesome.

4) Dad & Lad Camp-out/Weekend in Natchitoches - This past weekend, Scott and the boys went camping for the annual Dad & Lad Camp-out at Camp T. L. James. They had a great time and only experienced one mishap the whole weekend. Shaun fell on a stick and cut his chin up pretty bad, but he is tough and survived. While they were out camping, Mom and I went to Natchitoches for the weekend to visit with Katie and Daniel. We had a lot of fun shopping at the Flea Markets, playing Scrabble and eating great food. I love spending time in Natchitoches. Scott and I want to take the boys soon. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures from this past weekend, but at least I am somewhat caught up on my posts.

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