Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Gifts for Teachers

The boys and I wanted to make their teachers a little gift for Easter. I did a lot of research on inexpensive gifts that would be cute, fun and easy to make. I ended up deciding on turquoise mason jars filled with pastel Easter candy and adorned with ribbons and bunny figurines. I was going to glue the bunny to the lid of the mason jar and spray paint them a pretty coordinating pastel color. While shopping for my supplies at Target, I came across a find I couldn't pass up. It was a cute little clear plastic container with a pink lid and blue Easter candy on the inside. I snatched them up because I figured plastic was probably a safer alternative for our boys to carry to school and they were already filled with pretty Easter candy. I was able to find bunny figurines from the local dollar store and voila, cheap supplies for our Easter gifts! We didn't spray paint the bunny or the lids. The lids were already a beautiful pastel pink and the bunnies were quite cute left unpainted. We hot-glued the bunnies to each of the lids and tied a precious little bow to the jar. The boys were both happy with the way they turned out. I believe the total cost of the project was $4 each. You cannot beat the price and I know if I were given one as a gift, I would be excited as they are extremely festive and cute. Below are a few pictures of our Easter Gifts for the boys Teachers. Please disregard the terrible quality of the pictures. I could not find my memory card so I had to use my camera.
 Shaun with his bunny jar.
The Easter candy is blueberry bubblegum. They had candy corn and gummy candy, but I thought that if they were dieting or watching what they ate, then at least they wouldn't feel too terrible about chewing a piece of blueberry gum.
 Mason with his bunny jar.
Aren't they precious?

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