Friday, March 29, 2013

Celebrating Easter

Scott and I do not have the boys this year for Easter as it is their mother's turn to have them for the holiday so we celebrated Easter as a family last night. When I came home from work, the boys had hidden Easter eggs all over the front of our yard. We spent an hour and a half looking for eggs and re-hiding them for each other. We have been doing that off and on for the past week or so. I have really enjoyed it, as it has reminded me of the fond memories of hunting eggs as a child. We also exchanged small Easter gifts. We always give the boys a little something for each holiday. This year we gave them the movie Rise of the Guardians. If you have not seen it, see it! It is a wonderful children's movie and was our favorite of 2012. They were also given Cadburry eggs, a new toothbrush, pencils, notepads, erasers, and other small school supplies. Scott was given a few DVDs to add to his collection and some of his favorite candy and I was given a beautiful basket, ceramic bird (I love birds) and a candle that smells so good it makes you want to constantly eat! That may not be a good thing. It is always nice to receive a little something that your family has carefully picked out for you. Lily, Leia and Jay even received an Easter bone. They were quite happy with their little gifts. After gifts were exchanged, I made pancakes for dinner. The boys have been asking for me to cook breakfast for dinner for a week or so now, so I thought what better night? I know that our plans were nothing grand, but they couldn't have been any better for my little family. I was even able to snap a few "Spring" pictures of my two favorite little fellas. Here are a few...


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