Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gus & Morris

A little over a year ago, Scott and I promised the boys that we would get them kittens as soon as we had a house. Therefore when Scott and I started looking to buy a house, the boys instantly reminded us of our promise. Turns out one of my best friends had just picked out a fluffy orange kitten from a lady at work. When I saw this fluffy orange kitten, I was in love. I asked her if she could get us one as well. She did and even housed it until we moved into our home. When she came to bring us our sweet little kitten, she brought two. She said that we could have hers as well b/c they were brothers and were inseparable. She said it would break her heart to separate the two of them as they were too precious together. It was so sweet of her to do that and the boys were ecstatic. We had previously named our kitten Gus and she had named hers Morris. They are both fluffy, orange boy kittens with completely different personalities. They are precious with the boys but are picky as to who they sit with. Gus loves for the boys to love on him, but he wants to be in Scott's lap or Scott's rocking chair at all times. Morris is more picky about who he lets love on him but he is not a mean cat. He is just particular about who touches him. He loves me and sits with me no matter where I am. He even follows me into the bathroom and trust me, it is kind of difficult to enjoy a bubble bath with a cat peering over the edge the entire time.

They are not "inside" cats, but they are inside when we are home. They let us know when they want outside as they sit by the door and meow until you open it up to let them outside. I think we have them trained pretty well. Our lives are definitely better with these little creatures in them.

This is a picture of Gus and Morris. Morris is the one facing the camera. He is shorter, smaller and fluffier than Gus. Gus is nearly twice the size of Morris when they are standing next too each other or when you are holding them both as you can tell that he outweighs his brother immensely.

This is Morris in the bathroom, watching me take my bubble bath. He is a mess.

This is a picture of Gus after he came down from the tree! He had us terrified that he was going to die from being stuck in a tree for too long. He climbed one of the taller trees in our yard and after a day of being up there, we started to really worry. Pleading, begging, calling "Kitty Kitty", feeding Morris treats in front of him, etc. did not make him budge. You could tell he wanted to come down but was too scared to even try. We called animal control and the fire department with no luck from either place. So we prayed, pleaded and begged some more. After being stuck in the tree for two days, he finally came down. I snapped this picture as soon as Scott snatched him up and brought him inside for inspection and food. The poor thing lost a lot of weight from lack of food and probably dehydration. He has been checked out and is perfectly fine. Scott wouldn't let on how worried he truly was, but I knew he was thrilled that his "baby" was out of the tree b/c he wouldn't put him down afterwards. 

This is a picture of Morris that I just couldn't leave out. He loves sprawling out on our bed. I think it has a little something to do with our big fluffy comforter. Look how precious his paws are!!! I love kitty paws. 

I will try to find a few pictures of Magic, Benny The Turtle and Jay before my next post. I want to introduce them to everyone as well. After all, they are part of our sweet little family and our lives wouldn't be the same without each and every one of them!!

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