Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Pack Meeting...and random thoughts

Monday night, Scott and I took the boys to their monthly Pack Meeting where they were each presented with a few new patches, pins, beads and belt loops. I did not think to grab a decent camera, so I had to take all of my pictures with my phone. I should be punished for forgetting, as the pictures turned out blurry and dark. I attempted to edit them, but I think it made them worse. I am usually so good at remembering to bring my camera to their Pack Meetings but we were running late and it never crossed my mind. I know, I know, excuses are like something else that I won't mention on here and we all have them. Speaking of, I have been having a lot of little talks with our boys lately about excuses. Children pick up on things and if you use an excuse for something, then they will learn the value of a good excuse and try to use it on you later. We need to stop making excuses for things we do not want to do and do them anyways for the better of our children. We are one of the biggest examples in their lives and we need to always keep in mind that everything we do, say, let them watch on T.V., etc. will always have an impact on them in some form or fashion. I will get off of my soap box now and get back to my original post...where was I...oh yea, Scouts!

The boys had a great time at the Pack Meeting, as did Scott. He recently went through the Baloo training to become a Scout Leader. He was asked to do this and was very thankful he was able to attend. I love that I married a man that is so involved with his children. Scott is the best father he can be for Shaun and Mason and they realize that. I have never seen a child look at their father quite like they look at him and it warms my heart every time. Scott only does as much as he does with Scouts to be closer to the boys and to enjoy activities with the boys. I try and attend all of their meetings to support them in all that they do, but that doesn't compare to all that he does.

The training took place last weekend and Scott was presented with the "High Energy" award at the Pack Meeting. That is definitely Scott when he is having a good time. That is another reason I love this man as much as I do. He is a lot of fun and knows how to act like a kid when appropriate. He makes me laugh harder than anyone else and I have more fun with him than I have with anyone else. That is what is really important, right? That you end up with the person that makes you laugh and that you want to spend all of your time with? There I go again...getting off subject.

I guess this post is going to be a modge podge of topics and not focus on the March Pack Meeting like I originally intended. That's fine. I created this blog so that I could have a place to document the things that my precious little family does everyday. These are the things that have been going on in our lives and through my mind recently. Who better to share with, than the blogging world? With that said, I guess I will share my "terrible" quality pictures from the meeting the other night. I tried to take one of each of my babies while they were getting their awards. The first picture is a picture from Baloo training. This is Scott's group that he was assigned to for the weekend. Apparently he was in a group with two guys that were just as mischievous as he was. They stayed in trouble and captured the other team's flags all weekend long. The second picture is Scott's award that he was presented with. The third picture is Mason with his awards and the fourth is Shaun with his awards. Again, I apologize for the terrible quality of the pictures, but I had to post a picture of our sweet boys in their uniforms. Aren't they handsome! My plan is to take bunny pictures of them on Sunday and I would like to take a few shots of them in their uniform as well. First, I will need to sew on their new patches...but that didn't turn out so great last time, so I am very worried about trying it again! I need to take a sewing class in a bad sort of way.

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