Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beautiful Monday & Columbus Day

Yesterday was Columbus Day, so my husband and step-sons were off of work and out of school. Unfortunately, I still had to work. The boys didn't think it was fair, nor did I. Apparently since they are out of school, they think the whole world should be off as well. We tried to explain to them that the world just didn't work that way, though sometimes it should. If a child ruled the world, it would be a happier place. While I worked, they played. Both of them made the A/B Honor Roll at their Elementary School, so naturally we rewarded them for their many efforts and for a job well done. They each were given $25 to spend however they pleased. We typically try to watch how they spend their money, but since this was a reward, we let them spend it as they wanted to. Shaun bought a new Ninjago Lego set because that is his favorite thing right now and Mason bought a Ninjago Lego Spinner. By the time I got home, their Lego construction sets were complete and they were ready to show them off. We jumped on the trampoline, took a long leisurely stroll through the neighborhood, had a picnic on the trampoline, played Super Mario Attack (our own version of live Super Mario, I was Princess Peach) and had family craft time. It was a wonderful Monday afternoon. Not all afternoons can be this fun because of the hour that we must spend on homework. That really puts a kink in our fun time! Now that Fall is technically here, it will start getting dark sooner and will put another kink in our fun time, but I am sure we can make the best of it.

This is a picture of Mason and our neighbor's horses. They were out deep in the pasture but came close as we were walking by. Mason loved them and wanted his picture taken with them.

This is where we are with our project from craft time last night. Tonight we will add a little more to the tree, cut and frame the burlap, as well as find a place in the foyer to display our creation.

From Left to Right:
Mason's hand (7 years old)
Leia's Paw
My hand (26 years old)
Lily's Paw
Gus's Paw
Scott's hand (34 years old)
Morris's Paw
Shaun's hand (9 years old)

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