Thursday, October 25, 2012

Home Construction

Scott and I bought a house recently and have been working on getting settled in and making it our own. Since we are having company this weekend, I have been in the mood to do a few more renovations. However, I have not actually completed any one project. I did make a few decisions about our kitchen and I am very excited to get started. Unfortunately, it will have to wait until our company leaves, as it will take a week to complete everything and then I will have to repaint the walls. Lovely, I know. I honestly can say that I hate painting but I hate paying someone to do something I am more than capable of doing even more than I hate the actual task. Here is a picture of our hideously decorated kitchen.
 The left is what the kitchen looked like before we moved in and the right is what it looks like now. I chose this color and I hate it, but I did not want to repaint until I picked out new counter tops, cabinets, and a back splash. We have decided to use one of the counter top transformation kits from Lowe's. I have read great reviews about them and for $70 we should have the look of marble. I think for the price, it is worth the gamble. Yesterday, after work, I went to Lowe's to look at different back splash options and I think I have decided to use Fasade. It gives you the look of tin for 1/10 of the cost. I priced what it would cost to use the real stuff yesterday and the quote I was give was nearly $1000. For $220 I can use the "off" Brand and will be happy to spend my savings elsewhere. The cabinets are not completely hideous and I honestly think with the new counter tops and back splash, they will fit in quite nicely. Well, nice enough that I can live with anyway! I may spruce them up with new hardware that coordinates with the new counter tops and back splash.

The flooring in our house is another matter all together. I hate it and I would like to rip up everything and stain the concrete until we can spend $10,000 to replace everything with hand carved hard wood flooring. Our house has a lot of square footage and to replace the flooring as I think it should be done, it will cost a pretty penny to purchase and install the beautiful wood. Therefore, Scott and I are several tax returns away from getting what we want. In the mean time, I would like to make everything more bearable with stained concrete. I love the look of it and I have read that it is not too difficult to do yourself. Scott has agreed to let me do this in our kitchen, but I think I will wait until the back splash, counter tops and walls are complete that way I will not have to worry with drop cloths.

I will keep everyone posted with pictures of our progress. I know that owning a house means constant upgrades, renovations, work, etc. I just need to really believe that they do not have to happen over night.

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