Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I know, I know, Christmas is still several months away. However, I think it is best to be prepared for what can be the craziest time of year. I like to have all of my shopping done in advance, have all of my t's crossed and i's dotted so that my family and I can really enjoy the true spirit and meaning of Christmas without getting wrapped up in all of the chaos. This year I plan on making Christmas as homemade as possible. On Christmas Eve last year, the boys and I made ornaments. We plan on making more this year as I hope to continue this little tradition throughout the years to come. I do not want to stop with the Christmas tree. I want our Christmas wreath, mantle decor, wall decor, Christmas Cards and gift wrapping to be handmade as well. In order to accomplish all of this, my little family needs to start now. It is fun working on a project each week for what I like to call "Family Craft Night". This weeks craft will be monogrammed burlap ornaments. I already have the burlap as I have scraps left over from our wedding, but I will need a few more items to go along with this project. So, Hobby Lobby & Michales, here I come. I know I could get everything I need at one store, but I prefer to shop sales and I know where I can get different things for better prices.

Hobby Lobby List:
Fabric Puff Paint in Green Red, Gold & Black
Brown Wire

Michael's List: 
Buttons in Red, Green, Brown, White & Black 

I have started working on the burlap "M" Monogramming. The boys, Scott and I will trace over it with the colored puff paint to make it really stand out from the brown burlap. I want the colors to pop! I plan on making Peace, Hope, Faith, and Love ornaments as well, using the same concept.

This is just the beginning, so please do not judge the draft. I will upload more pictures after "Family Craft Night" this weekend.

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