Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Fun

Scott, the boys and I did not get around to doing anything crafty this weekend. Instead we invited my parents over for a bonfire Friday night. We have been wanting to have one for quite some time now, but the weather has not been cooperative. Friday night was the perfect time as it was a clear, cool night. Scott, Dad, and the boys built the fire, while Mom and I cooked in the kitchen. After dinner, we roasted s'mores on the bonfire. It was a wonderful time with family and a good change from our typical Friday nights.

Saturday, Scott took me on a date to the Louisiana Tech game and to eat at my favorite restaurant in Ruston, The Dawghouse. It was a lot of fun and very different from dinner and movie which is what we typically do on our date nights. I graduated from Louisiana Tech in 2008 and I have not been to a football game since. I know, I should be ashamed! It was a lot of fun and brought back fond memories being back on campus. Tech won, which added to all of the excitement. At one point, they led 70-21!

 I was able to work on the house a little as well. Next weekend we are having a lot of family over, so I thought it was time to work on the house again. I think we have been a little burned out lately so this party is good motivation. Here is a picture above our bed. The "M" was used as the guestbook at our wedding.

There are a lot of things I still would like to do to the house, but I am sure it will always be that way. Hopefully i will be able to upgrade our counter tops before Saturday. Wish me luck!

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