Thursday, October 4, 2012

Part One: Burlap Pumpkins for Teachers

The boys were so excited about the burlap door hanger I made Tuesday night, so we started on two more last night. They decided they wanted to make one for their teachers at school. I decided that we would make them similar to the one I had made, with a few tweaks (meaning less paint). I drew out the pumpkin and painted the monogram for each of them, but let them do the designing and painting on each of their pumpkins. So far, they are looking great and I know their teachers will love them b/c they were made by the boys. Right now they both look a lot alike, but after we add the last few details they have picked out, you will definitely be able to see the difference.

Here's what we have so far. I will post the final results tomorrow after we stuff and glue them together tonight.

This is Shaun's creation. He plans on adding little white flowers to the middle of each polka dot and will probably add a little more detail to the stem tonight with a permanent marker. I love how simple these are to make and how happy the boys are to be making them.

This is Mason's creation. He plans on adding black or white buttons to the middle of each polka dot and will probably add a few more details to the stem and pumpkin tonight with paint pens.

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