Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meet Jay

This is Jay, the newest member of our family. We rescued him from the local kill shelter in town. I had seen his picture posted on their Facebook page over a week ago with his expiration date. I begged Scott to let us at least go and visit him. There was just something about this dog that I loved, even from his picture. He said no over and over again because we already have two dogs and two cats.. On the day of his expiration, I begged him one final time and received the same sad answer. I drove home from work squalling because I knew the fate of the puppy. I tried not to think about it too much over the weekend and Scott tried to tell me that it is a sad reality and that I didn't need to fret over it anymore. Sunday night I was looking through Facebook and this dog's picture had been posted in the "adoptable" dog section!!! They had miraculously, for some unknown reason, changed their minds about his adaptability. I knew that was a clear sign that we were supposed to meet this dog! Needless to say, Scott couldn't argue with that and we picked him up yesterday from the pound. First we had to make sure he would interact with the boys well and he did. He loves them already and the feeling is mutual. We do not know much about Jay, as he was picked up by Animal Control. His age is really just a guesstimate, but the shelter seems to think he is only 3 months old. As you can probably tell, he is going to be a large dog.